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Know How - A Way to Operational Excellence

Gasal has fully adapted the Air Liquide Worldwide Industrial Management System, which leverages safety, operational and maintenance best practices of Air Liquide group worlwide. Industrial Management System (IMS) prescribes how to manage operations so that everybody does everything right every time. It is only through such operational diligence that safety and reliability can be assured. 

Our Know How in our operations distinguishes us from our competitors. We continuously build our Know How capability by implementing new design rules, training our employees, updating procedures and using experts feedback. Furthermore, Air Liquide’s World Industrial Management group ensures the sharing of best practices among all of the Air Liquide worldwide operating and maintenance teams. This includes the implementation of safety rules, operating practices and training programs. 

Lessons learned from incident across Air Liquide Subsidiaries is one of the way to build our Know How and immediate corrective action implementation is a way to avoid incident in our operational sites. As well as being involved in reporting, analysis and benchmarking of industrial performance to ensure that systems are operating at peak efficiency.