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Road Safety Policy Statement

Gasal is committed to promoting the highest standards of road safety amongst its staff.

Our goal is to eliminate all preventable road accidents involving employees who drive product, service vehicles, and company owned vehicles or forklift trucks.

In order to protect our employees, other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, Gasal expects all its employees as well as all its transport service providers and their drivers, to do all in their power to protect their own safety and that of other road users, and to act as responsible custodians of the vehicles in their charge.

Gasal Management will implement the proper process with action plans to ensure the road safety policy is applied and that its employees as well as transport service providers and their drivers are not engaged in activities that distract their focus from driving responsibilities.

Key Focus Gasal Employee I Gasal Transport service provider driver Management (Gasal & Transport service provider)
12 Life Saving Rules Comply with Gasal Life Saving Rules

Comply with Gasal Life Saving Rules

Create and maintain a safe working environment

Provide relevant safety training

Be Alert

Always maintain complete and constant attention on the roads and surroundings while driving.

Do ensure you have sufficient rest between driver duty hours.

Don't drive if you feel drowsy/sleepy, and inform your manager about your condition.

Ensure that rest time and working hours are set according to local rules/AL requirements.

Ensure that rest time and working hours are respected.

Schedule the journey accordingly.

Check your Vehicle

Perform a daily inspection before the journey.

Do not drive if essential safety features are defective ("No Go" items).

Maintain your vehicle clean and tidy.

Provide a daily inspection list with essential safety features to be checked ("No Go" items).

Implement an efficient and effective correction process of vehicle's deficiencies.

Responsible Driving

Adapt speed to vehicle type, road situations and weather conditions

Keep a safe distance

Respect the road signs and regulation

Provide Defensive Driving training for all drivers

Ensure driver's qualification is complete and up to date

Driving without Distractions

Do not text or phone while driving.

Do not multitask while driving (adjust navigation aid, eat, drink ...)

Implement a communication protocol in order to not distract the driver while driving.

Ensure that there is no deviation of this protocol.

Manage unsafe events All unsafe events (near misses, PSSI, incidents, risky situations) must be reported with minimum delay to the manager or supervisor.

All unsafe events reported by employees shall be investigated.

Appropriate actions shall be implemented to avoid occurrence of such unsafe events in the future.


At Gasal the safety and security of our teams is a core commitment. The nature of our business includes shift work and driving to and from work locations, we believe that a strong corporate culture embedding a comprehensive road safety campaign for employees is crucial to promote awareness, responsible driving, adherence to traffic rules, fostering a safe and secure work environment.

Fahad Ali Al Ansari

Chief Executive Officer