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Industrial Management System

Gasal has fully adapted the Air Liquide Worldwide Industrial Management System, which leverages safety, operational and maintenance best practices of Air Liquide group worlwide.

Air Liquide’s World Industrial Management group

Air Liquide’s World Industrial Management group ensures the sharing of best practices among all of the Air Liquide worldwide operating and maintenance teams. This includes the implementation of safety rules, operating practices and training programs. Air Liquide’s World Industrial Management group is further involved in the engineering of new ASU’s to ensure that Air Liquide’s latest knowledge is implemented in the design of new plants.

Additionally, to ensure consistently safe and reliable operations across all business lines and geographies, Air Liquide established a worldwide and common Industrial Management System; which leverages safety, operational and maintenance best practices to provide to our customers high product availability, high efficiency with reduced CO2 emissions and highest HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) performance.

The Air Liquide Industrial Management System is fully implemented and utilized in GASAL.

Air Liquide drives its operational excellence program through experts in engineering, research and development, process control and operations. These experts develop the policies, programs, tools and documents to ensure proper design and operation of industrial systems. This team of experts maintains the technical competency for the group and transfers it to operating teams through systematic training programs. As well as being involved with reporting, analysis and benchmarking of industrial performance to insure that systems are operating at peak efficiency.

They also provide support and expertise to operations and project development.

By being involved in all aspects of the design and operations processes they are able to gather feedback to drive continuous improvement.

In order to ensure efficient and smooth transitions from construction to operation; GASAL staffes its plants early on in the process. This way the staff was able to receive good operational training and create a sense of dedication.