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Welcome to Gasal



Gasal's nitrogen pipeline network has been initiated to safely and reliably service the existing and future end users in Ras Laffan. During the last few weeks, Gasal has been able, through its safe, reliable and uninterrupted supply of gaseous nitrog


GASAL Q.S.C. Inaugurates Oxygen and Nitrogen Investment of US$70 million in Ras Laffan.

The new oxygen and nitrogen production unit that started production in December 2010 was designed and built by Air Liquide Engineering. It further reinforce GASAL’s industrial gas production asset base in Ras Laffan Industrial City. GASAL has

Company Profile

Gasal Q.S.C. was established in 2006 as a joint venture between Air Liquide, Qatar Petroleum and Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company in order to provide industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and argon to the steel, oil, gas and chemical downstream industries in Qatar.

By connecting multiple clients to our pipeline networks, we can safely and reliably supply these products to our customers in Mesaieed and Ras Laffan industrial cities. 



Our Shareholders

Since our establishment, we have moved from being a project company to a fully fledged operating entity with well developed synergies established between the different users of our products, which are supplied either by pipeline or by bulk liquid trailers.



Our Mission

We aim to be the leader in industrial gases and over the fence supply in Qatar.  





GASAL Q.S.C. was established in 2006 as a joint venture between French industrial gas company Air Liquide (40 percent), Qatar Petroleum (30.5 percent) and Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (29.5 percent) as the shareholders’ sole vehicle to provide industrial gases (amongst others: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Argon) in the state of Qatar.
In 2013 Qatar Petroleum transferred its shares to the Al-Waseeta holding (80% owned by QP)
GASAL has full access to the Air Liquide’s technology and operating know-how. Air Liquide is the world's largest industrial gas supplier, established in 1902 when it developed the first commercial process for liquefaction and distillation of air resulting in production of Oxygen and Nitrogen. Air Liquide operates in over 80 countries on six continents and is operating more than 8,500 km of industrial gas pipeline systems for Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide and Steam. 
Since its establishment, GASAL worked to reach its ambitious target to interconnect and serve the local industry with industrial gases by pipeline from its centralized production facilities guaranteeing highest safety standards and highest reliability and emerged as the leading company in the production, distribution and over the fence supply of industrial gases in the State of Qatar.

GASAL started its first Air Separation Unit in Mesaieed in 2006, supplying gaseous Oxygen to the steel industry of the basin. In few years, thanks to continued investment in new capacity, GASAL has quadrupled its Oxygen capacity and has recently commissioned its third Air Separation Unit owned and operated by GASAL. In addition GASAL has developed a 10 km gaseous Nitrogen pipeline network serving the majority of the flagship “Q” companies in Mesaieed.


By, the company’s industrial pipeline networks would have reached almost 50 kilometers for delivery of large quantities of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen to customers in the Qatari industrial cities of Mesaieed and Ras Laffan. GASAL has taken the future developments in Ras Laffan and Mesaieed into account when laying pipelines, ready to be connected to the currently still empty development land. GASAL mission is to be an enabler of the local industry and are not shy to pre-invest. We are looking forward to the new developments in Qatar’s Downstream Industry and enhanced production of existing facilities.
GASAL’s management and Board is committed to the Company’s employees, its shareholders, customers, the public and the State of Qatar to implement all necessary actions to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all staff, to protect the environment and natural reserves of the country, and to contribute to the competiveness of the Qatari industry.
With currently more than 100 long-term employees, GASAL is proud to have crossed in 2013 more than 5,000,000 hours without lost time accident as a basis of safe supply to its customers in the State of Qatar by pipeline, on-site and bulk liquid distribution
Both in Mesaieed and Ras Laffan industrial basins, GASAL contributed to the Qatar National Vision 2030 by creating supply networks that improved the efficiency and reduced capital expenditures of our customers and helped preserve Qatar’s national resources, leading to an overall Safe and Reliable supply of gases required at the heart of Qatar’s industry. In addition, Qatar is becoming independent and self-sufficient in the production of industrial gases and the import of industrial gases has been considerably reduced.
Products and services
     Over the fence supply
When GASAL’s shareholders established GASAL, they saw that bigger centralized facilities operated by an expert and connected to a network of industrial gas pipelines was more effective than producing industrial gases by scattered on-site units or delivering it by trucks in liquid form. Process safety, highest reliability and energy efficiency were the drivers and motivation for the joint venture. The production of industrial gases is a capital and energy-intensive process. Having larger centralized production units brings production costs down thanks’ to economies of scale and scope and to higher efficiency and utilization.
Such advantage is illustrated by the following example:
Suppose we have two companies: the first requiring oxygen for its production process, and the second requiring nitrogen. If each company uses chooses self production and uses energy to separate the air into its components (21.5% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and 1% noble gases) the capital and energy consumption will be doubled leaving valuable product unutilized. If the two companies choose to outsource their requirements, GASAL can produce both products leading to an efficient use of capital and energy.
Outsourcing industrial gas requirements to GASAL represents a strategic decision, not limited to capital and cost efficiency. In fact there are other important benefits such increased supply availability and flexibility. GASAL has multiple plants connected to its pipelines network, thus creating the necessary redundancies for ensuring uninterrupted supply, which would not be possible with individual single on-site units. Finally our customers often require peak quantities that a pipeline system with redundant capacity can cater with the largest degree of flexibility, without recurring the need to procure the requirement in liquid (often from abroad), associated the cryogenic trucks traffic.

The over the fence supply is a specialized service based on over 110 years of know-how of Air Liquide Group for the Long-term supply of large volumes of industrial gases. This model considers that:
·          Industrial gases are supplied on a long term basis by combination of pipeline networks connected to multiple production plants and/or by large plants built at the customer site and/or by liquid bulk installations.
·          GASAL would design, build, and operate the assists necessary for the supply, and bring the related capital, people and expertise bearing the execution and operational risks as well as providing the customers with a competitive price



GASAL has fully implemented the Air Liquide Group Industrial Management System and has adopted group-wide KPIs and reporting structures. It has then become an integral part in Air Liquide Group’s overall health, safety, environmental and reliability program.
GASAL today proudly looks upon a clean safety record since the inception of the company in 2006 including operation, distribution and construction projects.  Today GASAL has reached 5 million man hours and 8 years without any lost time accident (LTA) for own employees and subcontractors.
Safety is Air Liquide’s and GASAL’s number one priority. Through its policy “Safety First”, Air Liquide and GASAL pursue the proactive development of a safe work environment for their employees, subcontractors and customers. The Group’s objective is ZERO accident for each employee throughout his/her career with the company, for each site, and for each entity. Each entity of the Group has the responsibility to deploy this policy locally, comply with the Group’s “Safety Golden Rules”, implement throughout its organization a safety management system in line with the Group’s Industrial Management System (IMS), and promote safe practices and behaviors.
ASU Design for Safety: Historically, the highest risk to personnel in air separation plants is linked to accidents involving oxygen fires. Air Liquide, the technology provider of GASAL, has turned its attention to this serious area of plant safety and has developed up-to-date, worldwide standards for itself and the industry, ensuring personnel safety and equipment reliability. The risks linked to oxygen fires are first mitigated with good design. A safe system design is a complex issue, as many issues must be controlled through the entire process from design to construction.   
Reliability and Efficiency
Ensuring a high availability and reliability to its customers is of key importance to Air Liquide and GASAL. Air Liquide and GASAL have therefore developed solid procedures on how to approach a project and maintain a high standard of operational excellence and continuous improvement in both reliability and efficiency throughout the duration of the relationship with its customers.
In addition, our pipeline networks are connected with multiple plants, providing the redundancy required by highly reliable operations
Project Development and Execution Phase
Air Liquide Global Engineering & Construction has experience in project management and construction of 550 air gases production units and more than 60 hydrogen/carbon monoxides for the over the fence gas supply worldwide. Accounting for plants built for third parties, Air Liquide, has designed and built more than 3,500 plants. There are 3,000 employees in Air Liquide’s engineering activities at locations around the world.
Our gas supply solutions leverage well proven technical & technological solution together with well mastered project execution skills and construction capabilities.
Operational Excellence
Air Liquide owns and operates more than 610 plants worldwide, including ASU's, hydrogen/syngas plants and cogeneration plants. Customers are either supplied via pipeline networks or through on-site over-the-fence schemes. Air Liquide is a worldwide leader in the supply of large scale industrial gases. Through an over-the-fence supply solution, projects benefit from Air Liquide’s worldwide experience as an operator.
Being its core business, the Air Liquide and GASAL organizations are fully focused on and dedicated to the reliability and efficiency of industrial gases supply to its customers.
Centralized Operations and Maintenance Support: Air Liquide’s World Industrial Management group ensures the sharing of best practices among all of the Air Liquide worldwide operating and maintenance teams. This includes the implementation of safety rules, operating practices and training programs. is further involved in the engineering of new ASU’s to ensure that Air Liquide’s latest knowledge is implemented in the design of new plants.
Additionally to ensure consistently safe and reliable operations across all business lines and geographies, Air Liquide established a worldwide and common Industrial Management System, which leverages safety, operational and maintenance best practices to provide to our customers high product availability, high efficiency with reduced CO2 emissions and highest HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) performance.
The Air Liquide Industrial Management System is fully implemented and utilized in GASAL
Air Liquide drives its operational excellence program through experts in engineering, research and development, process control and operations. These experts develop the policies, programs, tools and documents to insure proper design and operation of industrial systems. This team of experts maintains the technical competency for the group and transfers it to operating teams through systematic training programs. They are also involved with reporting, analysis and benchmarking of industrial performance to insure that systems are operating at peak efficiency.
They also provide support and expertise to operations and project development. By being involved with all aspects of the operation from design through operations, there is feedback of operating data to engineering to drive continuous improvement of the process.
Early staffing of GASAL’s plants is an important ingredient for good operator training as well as achieving an efficient and smooth transition from construction to operation. GASAL’s plants are staffed by a dedicated GASAL team of operators.
GASAL manages maintenance of its facilities at three levels:
1.     At the local level, the plant manager is responsible for on-going and day-to-day maintenance of the facility, coordinating and scheduling of turnarounds and developing a good relationship with the local maintenance contractors,
2.     At the country level, the GASAL operations group supported by a Middle East Technical Platform of Air Liquide which provides expertise and recommendations on maintenance procedures, collects the reliability data for the plants, and assists during major turnarounds. In addition there is a centralized group of experts providing support and troubleshooting, mainly in the areas of instrumentation, electrics, machinery and process,
3.     At the Air Liquide level, maintenance and technology group define best practices and assists in training the plant staff.
GASAL coordinate whenever possible with its customers, and strive to perform plant maintenance during periods when consumers are at reduced load or shut-down. In this way, Air Liquide and GASAL is able to maximize availability in a cost effective manner. Good co-ordination and forecasting must be established between the operating teams and the communication protocol that the parties will develop together is fundamental in this regard. There is a compelling mutual interest that both parties work together to assist the other party in achieving the highest availability and efficiency.
The operation of multiple plants, connected to a pipeline network can bring significant value to GASAL’s customers in terms of flexibility to supply incremental volumes that may be required by the customer in the future debottlenecking and expansion project of during peak demand periods such us customer shut downs. 
Focus on Core
It is often a challenge for customers to develop and maintain expertise in ASU construction and operation since production of industrial gases is not generally considered as a customer’s core technology/business, whereas supply of industrial gases is our principal business and GASAL and Air Liquide will always maintain such knowledge, skills and resources. In an over-the-fence supply solution, GASAL assumes responsibility for all phases of the project execution and operation. This allows our customers to focus its resources on the main/existing assets. GASAL will continue to develop its staff and expertise over the long term to ensure the highest quality supply our customers.
Bulk Supply 
Our bulk products are produced and liquefied in plants such as air separation plants for Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, and carbon dioxide. These products are stored at the production facility in liquid phase at different temperatures and pressures depending on the gas: about -190° C and atmospheric pressure for air gases; -20° C and 20 bars for Carbon Dioxide.


GASAL is one of the largest producers of Industrial gases in the State of Qatar, and the only industrial gas company having production and storage facilities in both the industrial cities of Mesaieed and Ras Laffan. Our main production facilities for liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquid argon as well as significant cryogenic storages are located in Qatar Steel at Mesaieed Industrial Area and at GASAL site adjacent to Oryx GTL in Ras Laffan, which provide significant local capacity of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, and liquid argon to supply the requirements of GASAL customers, both in the industrial cities and other locations in Qatar.


In addition GASAL can leverage the regional presence of its Shareholder Air Liquide, in order to arrange imports in case of significant demand peaks or to provide an additional level of availability reassurance.
From these large GASAL storage tanks, products are typically delivered directly to customers in insulated cryogenic truck via GASAL Distribution and Logistic network.
Distribution and Logistics
GASAL operates its own road tankers for delivery of cryogenic liquids in Qatar which are driven by GASAL trained and direct employed drivers. The fact that we are fully in control of these resources allows us to ensure high levels of customer service, and, most importantly ensure the highest levels of safety at sites. It should be in fact remembered that our truck contains cryogenic liquids which require specific safety and operational procedures.
Deliveries are managed and coordinated by a dedicated bulk logistics coordinator and our operations control room is manned 24 hrs per day for emergency deliveries.
GASAL tankers are fitted with liquid offloading pumps. This configuration has been selected to minimize off-loading losses that would be associated with transfer of liquid from high pressure tanks. In addition offloading pumps allows faster and safer offloading operations.

GASAL started it's presence in Ras Laffan Industrial City establishing in 2009 with the first Air Separation Unit at RLOC. Since then has is aggressively deploying an ambitions investment plan aimed at establishing a word class industrial gas infrastructure for the benefit of the development of the City. GASAL successfully completed in December 2010 its second Air Separation Unit in Ras Laffan (at ORYX GTL site) including the first phase of the Nitrogen Pipeline Network for the benefit of the LNG industry.


In 2012 GASAL signed with QSTec a supply agreement for the supply of Hydrogen and Nitrogen to QSTec polysilicon plant in Ras Laffan and is completing the installation of its first Hydrogen production facility in Ras Laffan. With its latest project GASAL supports the country’s vision and Qatar Foundation to enable renewable energy by serving its client QSTec with the necessary gases to manufacture polysilicon the base material for solar panels.

GASAL is currently wiring the entire City by deploying additional 25 Km of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen pipelines..

Further investments into additional Oxygen capacity and production of synthesis gas are underway.