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Sunil Bisram

Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Sunil Bisram holds a Bachelors Degree of Applied Technology in Electrical Engineering from the University of West Indies (Trinidad & Tobago, 2008). He also acquired Associate Degrees / Diplomas in the areas of Electrical, Electronic Engineering (1993) and Industrial Instrumentation Engineering (1997) from the San Fernando Technical Institute – University of West Indies (Trinidad & Tobago).
Mr. Bisram started his professional career as Operations Supervisor at the Caribbean Ispat Ltd (now ArcelorMittal) DRI Plants and Air Separation Unit Operations (1994-1998), after which he joined the Air Liquide group in Trinidad & Tobago and led the entity’s technical and commercial operations. During his tenure at Air Liquide, he held many Technical Leadership positions before joining GASAL. In 2011, he was appointed Operations & Business Director for Air Liquide Trinidad & Tobago and maintained this position up until his joining Gasal Company in January 2017.