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Gasal the benchmark in large volumes industrial gases supply in Qatar

The over the fence supply is a specialized service for the long-term supply of large volumes of industrial gases.

A pipeline gas supply operated non-stop is the most efficient and reliable way of delivering gases to large industrial customers. For the past 15 years, Gasal has built and maintained a robust pipeline network as well as production facilities in both Ras Laffan and Mesaieed industrial cities. Today, we run 5 production sites and 2 pipeline networks of over 40 kilometers, guaranteeing maximum reliability and an uninterrupted supply of gas to our customers over the long term. Our customers with large volume requirements (especially in the oil&gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, and metals industries) can benefit from multiple plants connected to pipeline networks in a shared industrial basin, which are instrumental for their efficient operations,  bringing down costs, and and benefiting the environment (Reduced carbon emission solutions)

Gasal can also supply very large quantities of gas and liquid directly from dedicated on-site plants installed within customer premises. At Gasal we have the capacity to invest, design, build, operate and maintain very large units dedicated to our industrial customers to elevate their competitiveness. Our expertise guarantees a long term reliable and energy efficient supply of industrial gases thereby enabling our customers to focus on their core business.

Our supply offer for large volumes industrial gases, via pipeline or on-site,  is centered around three main types of production solutions, all backed by state of the art gas technologies, most notably:

Air separation units (ASU): an ASU compresses, liquefies and distills air in order to separate its different components (mainly oxygen, nitrogen and argon)
Steam methane reformers, Auto thermal reformers, and partial oxidization (SMR/ATR/POX) - with CO2 capture option: an SMR produces hydrogen and carbon monoxide by reforming steam and methane, the hydrogen is further refined through adsorption 
Hydrogen Electrolyzers: Produces Hydrogen from Water and Electricity
Crude H2 stream purification and distribution: Purification of Crude H2 streams using pressure swing adsorption or membrane and distribution via pipeline