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Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)

Safety & Occupational Health of employees, protection of Environment and Quality of product are the utmost priorities of the company. The GASAL Integrated Management system (GIMS) ensures that all necessary actions are performed to guarantee the quality of its products and services, health and safety of the personnel and protection of the environment.

For recognition of the abovementioned priorities and reinforce the foundations of GIMS, GASAL has obtained the ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018 certification. This important achievement is also a distinction of the Operational Excellence that we can commit to our stakeholders and shareholders.

Today, GASAL is proud to hold a clean safety record since the inception of the company in 2006 including operation, distribution and construction projects. GASAL has exceeded 10 million man hours and 10 years without any Lost Time Accident (LTA) for its employees and subcontractors.

GASAL Integrated Management System

The GASAL Integrated Management System (GIMS) is a comprehensive and consistent set of closed loop management processes that prescribe the activities necessary to operate industrial gas operations in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner, in compliance with local mandatory regulations for health, safety and the environment.

The GIMS was established based on Qatar Laws and Regulations, QatarEnergy HSE regulations as well as the Air Liquide Group Standards as set by the Industrial Management System (IMS). It is also based in the international standards ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018 certification. Gasal commitment to the ISO standards aims essentially at providing products and services to the market to satisfy its customers’ needs and expectations, manage and protect the environment and provide a safe and health risk free work environment.

ISO   9001    ISO 45001    ISO 14001